An often-forgotten room in the house when it comes to style is the bathroom, however, it's often the first room we go to after waking up, and the last room we're in before going go to bed. We've got some ideas to decorate your bathroom.

Make an arrangement for your vanity
You can change the appearance of your toothbrushes and hand soap using some simple tips. Firstly, put them on the tray! A trivet or tray can be used as a base to instantly provide items with a sense of belonging. In case where you would like to find out fruitful information about washroom, you have to click over here at site.

Include an odd amount of things to the the top. We've probably shared this idea before, but it's among our most popular ways of making arrangements appear balanced. The placement of 3 five, seven or any other odd number of items on a tray always is more pleasing to the eyes.

You can incorporate natural elements, like bristle brushes, coral pieces, small plants or flowers. Also, you can play with the size and height of your items. using some taller pieces with shorter ones.

Consider styling a bath tray
If you own a bathtub then why not decorate a bath tray? Not only does it look fab, it could assist you in getting to a routine of taking regular baths -- such an ideal self-care practice.

Below are a few of the bath trays that we love and have added them to our carousel shop. You could also make your own, just like the one shown below.

A stool that is stylish
A small stool can be an excellent alternative to a tub or an e-bath tray.

From the iconic Mark Tuckey eggcup stool to an affordable find at your local thrift store There are plenty of places where you can find a chic stool within your budget.

Candles, crystals, small towels and body products, or brushes are just a few of the things you can place on top of. A stool is a great way to decorate your washroom.

Keep niche styling minimal
We can make shampoo and conditioner look more trendy by adding a tiny plant that gives it some life.

Treat towels as works of art
Bring a splash of colour and interest to your bathroom by using towels -- treat them like artwork in your bathroom.

Stylish towels are easier to find more than ever before with stores such as Adairs and Freedom stocking a great range of affordable yet luxurious towels. You can also find boutique online stores such as L&M Home where you can find locally designed towels like the sophisticated Apollo towels below.

Use a bath mat
Soften the appearance of tiled floors by using bath mats. We love those that have some texture, or bamboo mats that give warmth.

Add indoor plants
If you don't you should look into ways you can incorporate some indoor plants inside your bathroom.

We love planting in the bathroom, the hanging planter in the window or even the tiny indoor plant that we have on our vanity.